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Album request [24 Apr 2005|02:58pm]

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to send me music by My Chemical Romance. Either or both albums would be appreciated.

I have tons of music, and am more than willing to trade. Just name it, and I'll send it over if it's in my collection.

Thanks a ton!!
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[29 Jan 2005|11:26pm]


Hey check out Hidden In Plain View.
their full length drops Feb. 22 and will not disappoint
they are amazing so please listen to them!
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[24 Oct 2004|06:04pm]

Does anyone have Lits first and last cd? Theyre coming to town and will probably be playing their latest cd and I really don't have the money to buy it at this point in time. I have over 2500 songs which I can share via aim (I have DSL). Pleasseeee help!
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[17 Jun 2004|12:40am]

[ mood | curious ]


I'm looking for Kylie Minogue music. Prefably music from her album Impossible Princess. If you have songs from that album then leave a message here.

Here's my list of songs I have for trade.

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[15 Jun 2004|06:38pm]

hi i'm new here and my name's sam... i have tons of songs that i can trade because i am very diverse. my sn is xxsexyecstacyxx IM me if you need anything.
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[15 Jun 2004|11:51am]

[ mood | bored ]

is anyone looking for a particular song, im in the mood to look stuff up. feel free to im me at xworthle55x

I currently have so many songs by so many artists that i couldnt possibly list them all, and im not trying to brag im just saying. Dont be scared to ask or anything because i seriously love every type of music.

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[15 Jun 2004|01:23am]

[ mood | bored ]

I currently have songs by..
3 days grace, 311, Alanis Morissette, Alice in Chains, Alkaline Trio, Aqua, Bangles, Beatles, Bif Naked, Bikini Kill, Blink 182, Bon Jovi, Chevelle, Coheed and Cambria, Dashboard, Diana Degarmo from AI3, Eminem, Everclear, Finch, Finger Eleven, Flogging Molly, Guns N Roses, Incubus, Jack Off Jill, Janes Addiction, Kelis, Madonna, Matchbox 20, MSI, Modest Mouse, The Monkees, Outkast, Pepper, Poe, Seether, Social Distortion, Story of the Year, Sublime, Sugarcult, Switchfoot, The Cranberries, The Postal Service, The Rasmus, and tons more from bands that I only have 1 or 2 songs from.

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